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Vorsheer For Sale


VORSHEER exists to bring simple, functional, and high-quality products to the market.


Founded in early 2018, VORSHEER is owned and operated by the McCloud family who represents three generations of fabrication and manufacturing. VORSHEER started in a garage building custom dog and truck boxes, and soon moved into a full-size workshop to meet our expanding needs. In November of 2018, We built the first XOC, inspired by a lack of reliable and trustworthy companies producing quality off-road camping trailers. In the Spring of 2019, we purchased new tooling and machinery from a local bank auction, increasing our capabilities greatly. To accommodate the new tooling, we moved into our current space, doubling our manufacturing area and production timeline. VORSHEER off-road trailers are currently available at dealerships throughout the country with more to come.


Our mission at VORSHEER is simple: Produce top quality products while maintaining open communication, excellent customer service, and a transparent process.

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